Scalars, Vector and Matrices in Python (Using Arrays)

Arrays in Python to Work with Scalars, Vector and Matrices

Arrays in python, are frequently used to work with scalars, vectors and matrices, a topic of today’s post. This post is continuation of linear algebra for data science. We use NumPy, a library for the python programming which allows us to work with multidimensional arrays and matrices along with a large collection of high-level mathematical … Read more

Linear Algebra for Data Science

linear algebra for data science

Linear Algebra for Data Science and machine learning is very essential as the concepts of linear algebra are used to understand the working of algorithms. In this post, we are going to discuss the basic concepts of linear algebra. Why Linear Algebra? Enormous datasets mostly contain hundreds to a large number of individual data objects. … Read more

7 Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification

7 commonly used machine learning algorithms for classification

Generally, data is a set of factual information based on numbers, words, observations, measurements that can be used for calculation, discussion and reasoning. The rough dataset is the essential foundation of data science and it may be of diverse types, such as structured data and unstructured data and semi-structured. Structured data is formatted in tabular … Read more

Implementing Support Vector Machine (SVM) in Python

Support Vector Machine (SVM) in Python

Machine Learning is the most famous procedure of foreseeing the future or arranging data to help individuals in settling on essential choices. The algorithms are trained over models through which they gain information from past encounters so as to make forecasts about what’s to come. There are three types of Machine learning i.e. supervised learning, … Read more

42 Must Know Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

data science interview questions

To get the Data Scientist job, you must have grip on practical as well as theoretical knowledge of data science. You should be fully prepared before going through interview. For your convenience, we have gathered 42 data science interview questions and their answers. These will enable you grab the basic concepts of data science. Further … Read more

Different Types of Probability Distribution (Characteristics & Examples)

different types of probability distribution

What is distribution? A distribution represent the possible values a random variable can take and how often they occur. Mean – it represent the average value which is denoted by µ (Meu) and measured in seconds. Variance – it represent how spread out the data is, denoted by σ2 (Sigma Square). It is pertinent to … Read more

Step-by-Step Introduction to Data Science | A Beginner’s Guide

introduction to data science (a beginner's guide)

Welcome to the tutorial of data science. This is beginner’s guide on introduction to data science. There are different sections in this guide. Each section will help you to clear the basic concepts of data science. Let’s start! Introduction to Data Science In present era, the term Data Science is frequently being used but every … Read more