Basics of Python for Data Science


Introduction to Python Python is an open-source, high-level and general-purpose programming language which was created by Guido Van Rossum and released in 1991. Python 3.7 was released on 27.06.2018. It is very powerful, fast, friendly and easy to learn programming language. From here to onward we will use Python 3. Jupyter The Jupyter Notebook is … Read more

How to install Anaconda (Python Distribution) on Windows

How to install Anaconda (Python Distribution) on Windows

Anaconda Installation and setup guide for Windows. You will learn how to install Python on windows, step by step. Anaconda is most widely used open source distribution to perform Python/R for data science and machine learning. Data Scientists can easily analyze the data and visualize the results by using Python/R. Anaconda Download Link How to … Read more

Compare Data Science and Machine Learning (5 Key Differences)

compare data science and machine learning

Even after years of schooling, there are most common confusion that some students still face is the basic variance between Data Science and Machine Learning while they are for the most part firmly interconnected but each has a separate determination. Numerous companies are being utilized these technologies due to their gigantic dimensions and progressively hoping … Read more

Probability for Data Science

Probability for data science

Probability is simply defined as a chance of something happening or the likelihood of an event is to happen. Probability played a vital role in decision making that’s why companies’ executives based on it before going to take any decision prior to investment. Probability for Data Science An event can be likely or unlikely and … Read more

5 Basic Components of Data Science

components of data science

Data science consists of many algorithms, theories, components etc. Before detail study of data science, we need to understand them. Five basic components of data science are discussed here. 1. Data Data is a collection of factual information based on numbers, words, observations, measurements which can be utilized for calculation, discussion and reasoning. The crude … Read more

A Brief History of Data Science

a brief history of data science

Before proceeding to the introduction, a brief history of data science is described here that will enable you to understand how data science evolved and from where it started. Historical background of Data Science Data originates from the Latin word, “datum,” which means a “something given” The expression “data” has been utilized since 1500s, however, … Read more