What is Centralized Database? | Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

Centralized Database Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Centralized Database? You may have heard the term “centralized database system” and not known what it means. In a traditional database system, data is stored in multiple files. For example, each customer’s data might be stored in a separate file. In contrast, a centralized database system stores all of the data in one … Read more

Personal Database Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

Personal Database

Introduction In this modern era, numbers of techniques are used to store and manage the data and information. There are a number of database management systems which provides a mechanism to store large amount a data in single or distributed management systems. Definition Personal database system is the local database system which is only for … Read more

What is database? 9 Different Types of Databases with Examples

types of databases

What is database? A database is a repository, which effectively stores information, and this stored information can be retrieved by utilizing some particular programming language. A database is essentially an archive of information, which is formulated so as to help effective information storing. The database is a methodical gathering of information. Since open library stores … Read more