Relational Database Benefits and Limitations (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Relational Database Benefits and Limitations

The relational database is one of the most commonly used data storage systems. It has a number of benefits and limitations that hinder its use, but it is still an effective system for storing information about relationships between different entities. Relational databases have been around since the late 1970s and are one of those technologies … Read more

What is Centralized Database? | Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

Centralized Database Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Centralized Database? You may have heard the term “centralized database system” and not known what it means. In a traditional database system, data is stored in multiple files. For example, each customer’s data might be stored in a separate file. In contrast, a centralized database system stores all of the data in one … Read more

Personal Database Functions, Advantages & Disadvantages

Personal Database

Introduction In this modern era, numbers of techniques are used to store and manage the data and information. There are a number of database management systems which provides a mechanism to store large amount a data in single or distributed management systems. Definition Personal database system is the local database system which is only for … Read more

Distributed Database (Goals, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages)

Distributed Database (Goals, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages)

Definition Distributed database system is database which is integrated with collection of databases which are physically connected to a computer network. It is not limited to a single system but it is spread over different computer networks or multiple databases. In today’s modern world, data is managed to help out the business activities which has … Read more

What Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do?

What Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do

In more than 60-years history, Artificial intelligence has great importance and it has emerged as a modern protocol which is widely used all over the world. Artificial intelligence is making vertical progress. If we look back in the past, we will find an enormous difference between first step in Artificial intelligence by Warren McCulloch and … Read more

History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

history of artificial intelligence

Introduction In this modern world, everyone talks about the Artificial Intelligence and machine independence. In every walk of life there is contribution of machine whether it belongs to communication or every day science which have vast impacts on the human life. Computer History The ancient history shows that the first mechanical computer was Abacus. This … Read more

Application of AI in Robotics

Application of AI in Robotics

Introduction In this modern era, the role of automated machines is becoming inevitable day by day. In every walk of life, numbers of technological and mechanical machines are working to facilitate the humans with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The robotics and artificial intelligence are the two different fields of technology and engineering. Combinations of … Read more

What is the purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

What is the purpose of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing technology in modern world. The artificial intelligence machines has abilities to learn from its past experiences and feels comforts for new inputs and perform those tasks which a human want to perform. It covers all technical fields to simplify and lessen the human burden which leads to make the better … Read more

Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer | Which is better?

Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer

Both data scientist and data engineers are the part of team who analyze the business and convert its raw data into useful information for decision making and betterment, growth of business. Both play an important role in business analysis and making strategic decision for improvement of business. Who is data scientist? Data Scientists are responsible … Read more