How to install Anaconda (Python Distribution) on Windows

Anaconda Installation and setup guide for Windows. You will learn how to install Python on windows, step by step.

Anaconda is most widely used open source distribution to perform Python/R for data science and machine learning. Data Scientists can easily analyze the data and visualize the results by using Python/R.

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How to install Anaconda (Python Distribution) on Windows

Select your operating system and download the software. Here we are installing anaconda on windows 10 64-bit operating system.  Choose yours.

Let’s move to step by step process for installing python on your system.

Download the latest version of python 3.7

Now run the downloaded application.

Proceed to next step

Select users for whom you want to install anaconda.

Select the directory where you want to proceed installation.

You can sent can set the environment variables. Select the second option to detect anaconda as primary python on system.

Proceed to installation.

The installation has been completed. Now you can launch the Anaconda Navigator

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