What Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do?

In more than 60-years history, Artificial intelligence has great importance and it has emerged as a modern protocol which is widely used all over the world.

Artificial intelligence is making vertical progress. If we look back in the past, we will find an enormous difference between first step in Artificial intelligence by Warren McCulloch and Walter Pits and modern era.

Evenly, every industry has a contribution in Artificial Intelligence to boost their productivity and efficiency but on the other side it has side effects.

As we are moving toward immense progress in Artificial Intelligence that will lead towards a dominant form of intelligence on earth, but you can’t ignore the limitations or disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence which will distress the whole world.

You may have heard an old proverb “Excess of everything is too bad”. We are depending too much on machines to do the routine work.

This situation can become harmful for the skillful persons. They will lose their jobs because all of their work will be done by the machine with in no time. There is much advancement in Artificial Intelligence but it also has some weaknesses.

In 1930, Alan Turning firstly presented limitation of Artificial intelligence that was “it can’t answer everything”.

What Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do?

There are some drawbacks/ Limitations in Artificial intelligence given as under:

  1.   No feelings
  2.   Lack of emotional intelligence
  3.   Innovation without guidance
  4.   Requires scientific tools

No feelings

Artificial intelligence based machines are designed with specific algorithms to perform single certain task or operation with repetition.

It has the two possibilities to perform a task or not performing any task. It has no self-made feelings about any task or operation to perform.

The Famous scientist Einstein worried that “advancement in technology will exceed our humanity”.  

Lack of Emotional Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence tools which have a vast data collection for learning, perceiving and recognizing but it lacks of emotional intelligence. Some of the companies uses Artificial Intelligence tools for emotional intelligence only to upload photo and recognize the emotional behavior of that person or employee.

Artificial intelligence is unable to classify the feeling and emotions of the human.

Innovation without guidance

All the innovations are done with the guidance of computer programmer or computer expert. The main question arise that

“Can Artificial Intelligent machine so intelligent to perform any task without any guidance?”

The simple answer is ‘no’.

These machines are lacking the self-creativity. These can perform only those task for which they have been programmed.

Requires proper tools

The main purpose of Artificial intelligence is to better understand and control in real time. Artificial intelligence machines needs to choose the scientific tools very carefully.

To automate the work, there are specific tools which are used to choose carefully to solve the problem. Without using tools we are unable to perform automated tasks.

Bottom Line

We cannot deny the uses of artificial intelligence but there are some exceptions where AI cannot stand, what we have discussed.

Although, artificial intelligence has given much importance in every field of life but some of it uses will become dangerous. AI has performed tasks in almost every industry due to which it is replacing human-labor and will cause a vast unemployment in the whole world.

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