4 Major Types of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the modern world, Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in almost all fields of life. It is also the need for humans in recent times.

We start with the definition of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the same framework and tools. There are some definitions of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a computer programed machine that has a specific algorithm and procedure to perform specific tasks or work. This programmed machine gets input automatically and applies the same according to the instructions.

Artificial intelligence is modern science and engineering which is used for making intelligent-machines. These machines are used to perform complex tasks in programmable theory.  

These intelligent machines have the ability to understand verbal commands, images, texts or anything like this as input and process these inputs intelligently better than any human being.

When a program is embedded in a human-like intelligence machine, the machine can even read the behavior, emotions, and ethics to perform the task which has a certain degree of intelligence.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are four major types of Artificial intelligence

1 – Reactive Machines

In reactive artificial intelligent machines, the machine can’t use its past data or past information to perform any action. It deducts only current situations. The examples of this type are computer-controlled games like Deep Blue. This is the chess-playing supercomputer game which was created in 1980 by IBM.

These machines perform their function according to the procedure given by the programmer. It can’t go beyond the limits of that program.

These artificial machines perform their tasks but not having any growth or development in reactive artificial intelligent machines system.

These machines are specialized for a particular task. This subject-specific machine has no concept of another world.

2 – Limited Memory

It is based on the functionalities of the artificially intelligent machine systems. The example of a limited artificial intelligent machine is self-driving vehicles, which use their limited intelligent system to observe the environment and make their judgment.

This machine has the ability to observe the other vehicles around and its movement in the line of sight. It has less memory to drive the vehicle in a programmatic way.

It also specifies the road situation and monitoring the traffic lights in their way and also decides to change their way like curves on the roads.

3 – Theory of Mind

This functionality is still under development. It focuses on the emotions, ideas, reactions, thoughts of an object and reacts in the same way as a human can do.

Some improvement has been made in this field. A lot of improvements are still needed to make the machine more effective. It can also be said a super intelligent machine.

This type of artificial intelligence machine is more effective than other machines. Rebort is an example of theory of mind. Its technology is mostly used in science fiction movies.

4 – Self-aware Artificial Intelligence

This self-aware artificial intelligence is the evolutionary type of Theory of mind. In this modal, machines are more intelligent and are still probability in the real world.

These machines have the ability to react, full of emotions and have advanced capabilities of decision making. It reads the behaviors, situations in a specific environment and makes its own decisions as machine is computerized.

These types of machines are very smart and have the ability to understand, storing in memory, learning, and ability to make decisions from the past results and experiences.

Bottom Line

The artificial intelligent machines are more important in the real world. We are confident that in the near future the artificial intelligent based machines will make revolutions in the world.

But these may also affect the employment level as these machines are replacing the peoples. This aspect, besides numerous services to the human being, can be alarming as people will be pushed back and the whole workload will be shifted towards machines.

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