What is the purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing technology in modern world. The artificial intelligence machines has abilities to learn from its past experiences and feels comforts for new inputs and perform those tasks which a human want to perform.

It covers all technical fields to simplify and lessen the human burden which leads to make the better decisions. There are number of tools and techniques are used in this regards to make advancement in technology and save the time.

Today most of the companies use artificial intelligence to improve their working efficiency and progress. They use different intelligent techniques to make their business predictions.

What is intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to get the knowledge and apply the same with the proficiency and skill for some result or outcome. The collections of information have the ability to learn quickly to solve the particular problems in recent times.

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Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

There are some main purposes and features in which artificial intelligence is used in different fields or zones. These are the main purposes of artificial intelligence.

  1. Improves decision making
  2. Singularity
  3. Machine learning
  4. Business process optimization
  5. Creative work in technologies
  6. Provides financial services
  7. Health care
  8. Automotive
  9. HR & Recruitment

All the above points are briefly discussed here.

1 – Improves decision making

The basic goal of artificial intelligence is to provide mechanism for decision making. This decision making is based on rare data as input data and will provide artificial intelligent result like human mind.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to make better decisions by automating the different physical and other tasks. These tasks can reduce the human labor and also saves the time.

2 – Singularity

The ultimate objective of artificial intelligence is to overtake the work of human being. In near future, the growth of technology will become uncontrollable that will result into massive changes in human life style. Besides their side effects, these intelligent technologies will make the work simpler and efficient.

It is also called technological singularity. You can read in detail about singularity here.

3 – Machine learning

The main difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence is that machine learning is mainly concerned with accuracy. Machine learning is the sub-field of artificial intelligence and it takes data to produce the output as it is more focused.

Machine learning has mainly four types, you can read it here.

4 types of machine learning

4 – Business process optimization

Business has the vital integrity in the economy of any country. The business process optimization is carried out by streamlining the work and removing the redundancies that ultimately results in improvement of the business.

The robotic process optimization is also used to minimize the daily routine work performed by the humans through different algorithms.

5 – Creative work in technologies

There are number of technologies that are used to simplify the workflow and are easy to integrate across the business. These technologies are very important and are playing an important role in different fields of life. Some examples are:

  1. Virtual reality
  2. Live streaming apps.
  3. Predictive Analytics.
  4. Drones.
  5. Motion animation.

6 – Provide financial services

Artificial intelligence has played a huge role in financial services. It is used in fraud detection, risk management, asset management and insurance besides countless other sub-fields of financial services. There is almost no sub-field left without the use of artificial intelligence applications.

Similar to other fields the AI applications have saved a lot of time, human resources and made the results efficient.

7 – Health care

It the most important sector where the artificial intelligence has revolutionized the sector. A large number of healthcare institutions are using the artificial intelligence machines for better and fast diagnoses the diseases in the patients.

IBM Watson is the one of the known and best healthcare technology which is based on simple questionnaire and responds according to the disease like x-ray reading.

Virtual assistant devices, based on artificial intelligence, are widely used in healthcare sector.

8 – Automotive

Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on automotive industry. You will find it everywhere from car manufacturing industry to driver monitoring and driver recognition. There are artificial intelligence software available for driver monitoring. The software can make seat adjustment, mirror adjustment and even temperature adjustment.

The scenario of automotive industry has complete changed since the indulgence of artificial intelligence in the industry.

9 – HR & Recruitment

Artificial intelligence in HR & recruitment is to boost-up the speed and precision of decision making and make the selection more reliable and accurate.

If the recruiter is not using the artificial intelligence in recruitment process, then the business is losing a lot of resources such as time and money.

So, the automation of workflow for recruitment process and management of the staff artificial intelligence applications play a huge role and saves the resources.

Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence is used vastly in almost every field of the life. We have described only a few uses of artificial intelligence.

From the above discussion, we can easily say that the purpose of artificial intelligence is to provide software intelligent spectrum with local reasoning and interaction with humans to offer decision based supported results. It also provides valuable software and predictive tools for better results.

Being a core component of all modern software still it is not a replacement of humans, however, it saves time, resources and gives us many extra benefits which seems impossible with the routine labor.

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